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Fuel Up

A design solution for fuel in cars

Design Challenge

Propose, design and create a working prototype that solves a design problem around the cars and their components or features.

Design Problem

Fuel Guage gives a  vague idea about how far the Car can go with the existing fuel. Because of that people sometimes end up into unavoidable circumstances of a car broke down or accidents. 

new doc 2019-05-01 13.16.16_1.jpg
new doc 2019-05-01 13.16.16_3.jpg


Fuel Up is a design solution in which the driver will get an idea about how much fuel is left and how many miles the car can cover with the existing fuel. The driver has to determine a limit in fuel gauge when the Fuel Up system gives suggestions.

When the Fuel gets lesser than the defined limit, the Fuel Up system gives suggestions for nearest fuel stations keeping the same route. Voice notification is an addition to give a better alert to the driver about fuel usage. 

new doc 2019-05-01 13.16.16_2.jpg


I used p5.js framework to create this prototype with p5 Geolocation API to calculate the actual difference of miles between the current location to Chicago.

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