I am Bansari !

Happy to see you here!  I am a multi-disciplinary designer who can code, draw, paint, and loves to sing. I am a recent graduate of Masters in Interaction Design.

Over 4 years of my career, my portfolio includes User experience design(UX), User interface design(UI), Interaction design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Physical prototyping, and Application development.

 I am incredibly motivated to better myself at every stage of my life. I am currently looking for a fulltime job opportunity in the field of UX/UI Design, Product Design, or Interaction Design.

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Some Non-UX work!

Pioneers for H.O.P.E. Logo

Worked as a designer for Pioneers for H.O.P.E. organization to create graphics, videos, flyers and help digitally market their events and workshops.


Flyers for Career Prep Workshops

SFDW 2019 badge

Volunteered as a Graphic Designer for San Francisco Design Week 2019 and designed badges and sign boards!

AACE Cell logo

Worked as Media intern for Academic Advising and career Education (AACE) department at CSUEB.

Somatosensory Loss Indicator

Built Somatosensory Loss Indicator using Arduino and Huzzah 32.

Poster for MLUX meetup

Volunteered for Meetups, designed posters, graphics, layouts and pitch decks.

Adobe Creative Jams

Love to take part in design jams and hackathons!

A girl walking in the rain!

Acrylic Canvas painting!

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Flyers for Career Prep Workshops