Misty Weep Pacifier

A baby monitoring system

Design Challenge

Propose, design and build a physical (non-screen based) interactive device that solves a design problem around the safety of young children to help their parents.

Design Problem

To monitor a baby is a difficult task for parents as it is not easy to take care of all the

things together.


Misty Weep Pacifier focuses on designing the pacifier system that consists of a moisture sensor to measure the moisture level and a microphone sound sensor module that can be placed around an infant to detect infant’s weep. The measurement results which are the moisture level and sound frequency which can keep the baby away from the consequences of a wet bed as well as endless crying.


Bansari, Shreya

My Role

User research, Conceptualizing, Prototyping


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Wireless Baby Cry detector consists of a transmitter and a receiver. When the baby cries, the receiver starts to make electronic crying noise. It is a low cost and compact design available on Amazon. This piece of art has various drawbacks which include low sensitivity of cry detection. This toy shaped instrument doesn’t have a self-soothing system included in it. Its range is also limited to 50 to 60 meters. (Picture 1)


While comparing the Wireless Baby Cry Detector Alarm with the Misty Weep Pacifier, the difference is visible that Misty Weep Pacifier has a self-soothing system enabled in it. Whenever the baby cries, a lullaby will start playing to stop baby cry and sleep. Not only this but also, Misty Weep Pacifier has one more feature with it to detect moisture and show it on LCD which is not present in Wireless Baby Cry Detector Alarm.

The DryBuddyFLEX 3 is a bedwetting alarm, with the range of max 200 ft. / 61 meters and true wireless performance. This flexible alarm makes the loudest sound/music and the strongest vibrations. It also has an optional bed shaker. This is a portable powerful loud alarm (adjustable) allows placing the alarm at a considerable distance while still being effective. The patented magnetic sensor in the alarm is very easy to use and clean and it effortlessly and firmly attaches to standard cotton briefs. (Picture 2)


Misty Weep Pacifier has the ability to detect the moisture and display it in terms of percentage on the LCD. So, the baby won’t get disturbed. If the alarm is set or any vibration is set near the baby then it will disturb baby unnecessarily. Misty Weep Pacifier is made with the aim of creating a remote baby pacifier, too which will help parents to get notified on their phones even if they are not near to the baby.

Physical Components

Development Process

Future Scope

The current prototype of the Mist Weep Pacifier works with Arduino which can be connected to your laptop or computer using USB cables.  The future scope of the system will allow the system to work remotely without connecting cables. Currently, the user has to look in LCD for moisture level but in the future, the parents will receive the notification of the moisture level using data network of GSM module with Arduino. The future development allows the parents to get the notification of crying baby even if they are not in front of him.

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