Pet Warmth

Millions of animals are currently in shelters and foster homes awaiting adoption. People are also looking for a new pet but they are having trouble finding a pet that matches their lifestyle which becomes a reason for less pet adoption.

Petwarmth is a design solution that will allow people to find a pet that matches their lifestyle, considering factors including breed, gender, age, temperament, and health status to encourage pet adoption. 

Project duration: 2 months

My Role: UX/UI Designer

Skills: User Research


          UX/UI Design





Team: Shreya Mhatre, UX Designer

           Jing Wang, Graphic Designer

Research Question

How might we encourage people for Pet Adoption by helping them finding a pet according to their lifestyle?

Hello, lovelies!  We are excited to come with you. To be our friend, adopt us.

User Profile




  • The target audience is the people who want to adopt pets but they are hesitant to adopt one.

  • The people who have not adopted pets before.

  • The people who are interested in pet adoption but they don't know how to proceed for it.

  • Pet warmth is a website that encourages people to adopt pets from shelters and help them to find suitable pets according to their lifestyle.

When & Where

  • Anytime can be accessed with the internet on any smart devices using search criteria such as pet adoption websites, pets, adoptions, shelter homes or pet organizations.


  • The audience is curious about the requirements or costs for the pet adoption according to their routine and lifestyle. The audience might not have enough knowledge about pets or shelter homes. 

Design Criteria

The main design principles that we wanted to focus on, are making it meaningful, informative and appealing.​

  • Make it meaningful: Design a website that uses natural colors to tell the story of what we are trying to communicate to users which are specifically related to pets. Pets are living beings and the audience should feel sensitivity, care, and affection towards pets while going through the website. 

  • Creating appeal: Create an appeal through design where images, text, and features are placed next to corresponding information.  The audience should feel encouraged and excited to see the details of the pets and pet adoption. 

  • Make it informative: Inform the audience about necessary details for pets and pet adoption. Not only pre-adoption details but also provide information about the post pet adoption to continue their usage of the website after adoption. 

Success Metrics


  • Traffic: The focus is to increase the number of people that visit the website and get knowledge about pet adoption. Not only visit the website but also get encouraged to adopt a pet from shelters.

  • Consistent Usage: The users stick to the website even after adopting the pet as the website will provide support for pets and users will not have to find other sources to get help after the adoption.



Objective: To encourage people to adopt pets from the shelters using the website. 

KPI: Pet adoption Growth KPI

Definition of the KPI:

The desired outcome: To encourage users to visit the website and adopt pets 

  • Motivating the users to adopt pets will help shelters to manage pets who are looking for a home.

  • Progress will be measured as an increase in the number of pet adoptions from the shelter home.

  • By providing engaging content with pictures, the outcome will be influenced. 

  • A shelter home person is responsible for this metric

  • Pet adoption will be increased by 20%

  • Progress Will be reviewed on a monthly  basis

Iteration Process

User interviews





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