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I am a California based creator and designer who desires to create design solutions for better user experience.

Designs for San Fransisco Design Week 2019

Graphic Design
sfdesign week logo new.png


User research | Heuristic Evaluation |
UX Design & Prototype

Numb Aid 

A Somatosensory Loss Indicator

Product Ideation | Interaction design | 
Physical Prototype

Misty Weep Pacifier

A Baby monitoring system

Product Ideation | Interaction design |
Physical Prototype

Noted Sources

An interactive data visualization for the sources of the top headlines

Product Ideation | Interaction design | Interactive Prototype

Save Water 

A Water Sustainability Application

Application Ideation | UX Design & Prototype

Fuel Up

A design solution for fuel in Cars

Application Ideation | Interaction design | Interactive Prototype
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