I volunteered for San Fransisco Design Week 2019. I designed the badges for different categories of the people working in San Fransisco Design Week (SFDW). I also designed Information cards for the Exhibitors and sings for opening night for SFDW 2019.


I designed 6 different types of badges with different patterns and colors related to the theme of SFDW 2019. Then the final theme was picked up by the organizers and I designed all the six types of badges with the theme according to their templates.

(Actual pictures of badges)

Information cards for Exhibitors

I designed information cards which display the individual name of the Exhibitors with the logo. According to their specification, they only wanted logo and name.

Sings for the opening night of SFDW 2019

I designed the signage for VIP/PRESS and General Admission to help them with directions and with the process to check-in.

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