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Latest Projects

I am a product designer who consistently delivers feasible design solutions for Healthcare, B2B SaaS Enterprise Platforms, E-commerce, Education, and AR/VR, driving tangible business outcomes. 


Refer to these projects to learn more about how I created an impact with design.

My Story

The girl, who has been passionate about art and design since childhood, is now making a living from it.


I earned my bachelor’s in computer engineering from India and started working at Tata Consultancy Services in 2016. While writing JAVA servlets and AJAX calls for, I came across the InVision prototypes from the Huge-Design Agency. That was my first time discovering UX Design, which led me to do my Master's in Interaction Design at California State University, East Bay.


While studying, I started working at my university as an Interaction Designer. After graduation, I worked as a UX/UI Designer for startups (ABXR Engine, FEVO) for almost three years. Recently, I completed one year of work as a product designer at Idea Evolver.


Now, I am looking for new opportunities as a full-time Product Designer.

Brief summary of my work

Worked in 5 different industries:
B2B Service Based Platforms, E-Commerce, Education, Augmented Reality(AR), MedTech

Clients I worked for: 
(,, at TCS, California State University, East Bay, ABXR Engine, FEVO, and the Pharmaceutical Company at Idea Evolver (under NDA).


  • Distinguished Pioneer Scholar” by Center for Student Research (CSR) at California State University, East Bay in 2019-2020.

  • “Best Team” and “Outstanding Contribution to TCS” by Tata Consultancy Services in 2018.

I am currently experimenting with GenAI tools in my design process. If you are interested in knowing more about it then hit me up at

 Bansari is a talented designer who is able to focus simultaneously on usability and rigorous, structured requirements. She delivered designs and manuscripts on time and in order and took the time to explore accessibility issues, review them with the team, and document them. It would be an honor to work with Bansari again!

Lisa Bond

VP of Product Management at Idea Evolver

Bansari was an absolute joy to work with. She always brought a positive, collaborative effort to team conversations and went above and beyond to incorporate feedback quickly, efficiently, and with high quality.
She worked extremely hard and leveraged her background in design creation and coding to facilitate streamlined handoffs for the team.

Lauren Cleary

Chief Client Office at Idea Evolver

 Bansari’s greatest skill is her natural ability to ask meaningful impact questions to understand the problem her designs will solve. She is also very thorough in her research and documentation. She is incredibly easy to work with! She is easy to sync up with and gives constructive and concise feedback.

Jeremy Nolasco

 Product Designer at FEVO

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